Clipping Path Office

Flat Rate Us $0.45 / Image For E-Commerce Businesses

Excellence in Photo Cut Out & E-commerce Photo Optimization


Prime leaders of clipping path, drop shadow, raster to vector conversion, Photoshop masking, image manipulation. Providers of other Photoshop services for Web Design Agencies, Online Retailers, Advertising Agencies and Photographers etc. at handy prices.

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Our Services

Clipping Path, Deep Etch, Contour, Background Removal, Cut Out.

Photoshop Layer Masking, Translucent Masking, Alpha-Channel Masking.

Model Retouching, Color Adjustment, High-End Jewelry Retouching, Image Touch-Up.

Service product

Drop Shadow, Mirror Effect, Original Shadow, Product Shadow, Reflection Shadow.

Object Removal, Ghost Mannequin, Image Cropping and Re-sizing, Image Composition.

Product Background Removal, E-commerce Image Editing, Product with Original Shadow.



Image Processed


Clipping Jobs Done


Graphic Artists


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Who Need Our Service?

Actually we know that there haven't any fixed categories of clients in our graphics design and photo editing filed. But from our years of experience we have assumed that there might be two types of clients, who are usually taking advantages of our clipping path and image editing services for their large companies and individual needs. We provide service for those companies are closely related with

  • E-Commerce Business
  • Luxury Online Shopping
  • Seller on Marketplace
  • Seller on e-Bay, Amazon, Etsy, SEARS etc.
  • Online Sports & Shoes Store
  • Photographer and Photo Studio
  • Web Design Agency
  • Graphic Design Agency
  • Magazine Publisher & Printing Pre-Press
  • And many more to include...

Do you want to know more about our services and working procedure? Please visit our FAQs. Or you can also send us email with your specific requirements.

Why Choose Clipping Path Office?

We know how precious your time is! We don’t want you to invest a single second unless we are any good for working with you. Below are few of a point you will choose us for. We deploy resources as per your requirements and set parameter accordingly as we got a combined team of professionally skilled and personally responsible youth.

  • We Deliver Edited Images As Required
  • Turnaround Time: 1-24 Hours
  • Guaranteed Quality & Satisfaction
  • 365 Days Operation Enabled
  • Photo Cut Out Using Photoshop Pen Tools
  • We Provide Supper Support As Needed
  • 2000+ Image Processing Capacity Each Day
  • 100% Manual Clipping Path / Background Remove
  • Online Billing & Payment System
  • Time is money and we value your money


About Clipping Path Office

Clipping Path Office is an outsourcing company dealing in all the image editing services. It is situated in Asian economic region where it works hard to meet geological and technological opportunities at low cost. Offering graphic editing services like shadow creation, clipping path, image masking, retouching images, multi-clipping path, background removal, raster to vector conversion and many more image processing services can be found at our online portal. We have our portal designed in a way to serve people around the world.

Clipping Path has close links with top-notch photographers, printing press, photo studios, catalogue companies, web and graphic design firms, advertising agencies and magazine agencies. And maintaining the quality in supplying varied services like clipping mask, drop shadow, clipping path and photo-touch up is our main concern. We keep every service updated with the latest standards and innovations to ensure complete client satisfaction.

Your Benefit

  • Bulk Discount
  • Monthly Payment
  • Invoice w/ VAT ID
  • 365 Days Operation Enabled
  • Prices Start at: US $0.50
  • 24H Quick Turnaround
  • Online Service Portal
  • Huge Production Capacity
  • 100% Quality Assured
  • 100% Money Back Promise



“One of the most sought after image processing companies one has ever heard of. Recommended for those who want quick turnaround at best ever prices.

Bernard Vukas

Island, Philippines
“This company is a true delight for those looking around for professional and skilled services. Highly commendable, immediate and pocket friendly services!!.


International French photographer

Mavrick Mitchell

UK, London
“ This company is a real no-brainer for their outstanding services. Hire them to get stellar results and that too within the given time frame.

Flat Rate US $0.45 / Image For E-commerce Businesses

Sell more with awesome product photos. Our professional graphic design experts will make your product photo more attractive !