Shadow Adding Services

Flat images look simple and decent but shadows give a deep look thus making the product look bold and dramatic. Not only do the shadows give a realistic look but also 3D sense to the images.
Adding shadows to the images is very important in today’s digital world where people like to see freshness and authenticity. Since attractive photos bring in more business, they also add value to your reputation in the online world. Normally, when a photo is clicked, shadows often come with that but they don’t make a part of the photo when printed. So artificial shadows are added to lend a genuine and original look to the images!!

Here at Clipping Path Office, we deal in handful of photo editing services including shadow making, reflection making and mirror shadowing etc. Although all these services give a stunning look to the images, proper Photoshop tools must be used to create astounding effects. Here’s a breakdown of the shadow adding services:

Reflection Shadow

Products are displayed on a reflective surface to click natural shadow or reflection shadow is added to the image no matter what the product is. It works wonders on specific products like jewellery items where you have to lure the customers by making them feel as if the product is displayed in front of them. Use reflection shadow to highlight a product and see a huge boost in your sales.

Mirror Shadowing

Exactly as the name suggests, it is all about creating a mirror shadow to the images. Special effects are added to the images to make them look incredible. Using right tools in Photoshop can give an extremely stunning feel to the images when it’s about creating a mirror image reflection.

Drop Shadow

Any shadow that you see next to an image whether on the right, left, top or bottom is drop shadow. The reality behind adding shadows to an image is to add depth to them. Using some light source, shadows are added to the products that are to be showcased on the e-commerce portals.
Our team helps in creating silky shadow effects to all your product images to tempt the viewers. Shaded images look real and innovative rather than those typical flat images. A range of shadow adding tools are used in Photoshop to create an exquisite aura. Most used tool is smudge tool, widely used to make a perfect blend of the product with the shadows so that it doesn’t look obvious. Burn tool and dodge tool add contrast and give more detailing to the minute things such as hair, fur or wrinkles.

Various tints of color are added to the tweaked images to make them look original and beautiful than ever. Bring your old distorted images to us and get new enhanced images in no time. We know how to make an effective use of Photoshop tools to make the images look wonderful.
Not only do we offer shadow adding services, but also image masking, clipping path, photo retouching, web shop image optimization and much more. Visit us at Clipping Path Office to avail best of our services at even-handed prices.